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About Us

Enhancing your Beauty with Passion

At Jenisse Beauty Studio, we pride ourselves in offering specialized services in hair extensions and advanced hair coloring techniques. We strive to create personalized looks that reflect the uniqueness of each individual.

From soft extensions and vibrant coloring methods to focused attention to hair care, our commitment is to highlight your beauty in an authentic and healthy way. Come discover how at Jenisse Beauty Studio, your satisfaction and beauty are our priority.

Coloring Services

Colors that Highlight your Beauty

At Jenisse Beauty Studio, we specialize in creating colors that enhance your natural beauty. Our color services are designed to give you vibrant tones and customized looks that reflect your unique style.

Balayage involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair for a natural, gradual lightening effect towards the ends, evoking a sun-kissed look reminiscent of beach days.
Lightener or hair color is applied to lift the tone or enhance the brightness of individual strands. There are four primary techniques for adding highlights: foil, painting, frosting, and chunking.
Color Smudging
Seamlessly blending root and salon color transitions, gloss smudging complements various lightened hair colors, from full blonde highlights to subtly lightened dark brown hair using balayage.

Ready to enhance your beauty?

Hair extensions

Elevating Your Natural Beauty

At Jenisse Beauty Studio, we specialize in the art of hair extensions, a service dedicated to subtly and naturally transforming your look. Our focus lies in providing gentle, damage-free extensions that not only add length and volume to your hair but also preserve its health and vitality.

Understanding the uniqueness of each hair type, we work meticulously to select the perfect technique that suits your needs and lifestyle. From length-enhancing extensions to those adding subtle volume, at Jenisse Beauty Studio, we offer tailored solutions that impeccably enhance your natural beauty.

Wedding hairstyles

Capturing Your Bridal Beauty Dreams

We are excited to have you here and welcome the opportunity to make your wedding day beauty dreams come true. At Jenisse Beauty Studio, we specialize in creating unforgettable moments, one bride at a time.

Our styling services are not only limited to weddings, but are also available for all types of special events that deserve a touch of glamour. Please make sure your hair is clean and dry before receiving our services, unless you specifically request a blow dry.


With the right knowledge and excellent products, here's what you can anticipate:

  • 10-12 months (for dark hair)
  • 8-10 months (for blonde hair)

We believe in perfection, and here's a breakdown of common appointment times:

  • 1 row: 1.5-2 hours
  • 2 rows: 2.5-3 hours
  • 2.5 rows: 3 hours

Additional time is required for coloring, approximately 1.2-3.5 hours on average.

Our tension-free method, coupled with a committed home maintenance plan, ensures no damage. Comfortable from installation, it guarantees a damage-free experience.

  • Investment varies based on your current density and hair goals. Here's a general idea:

    • Adding volume: $900-$1,400
    • Volume and length: $1,750-$2,200
    • Maximum length and density: $2,500+

Unique situations may vary, so booking a consultation is highly encouraged for a precise estimate.

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate outside hair as we can't ensure its quality. We install only the hair we've meticulously selected and customized for you.

For fine hair, it's typically every 5-7 weeks, while average or coarse hair can go 6-9 weeks before needing a move-up.

We're highly selective, partnering only with premium hand-tied extension brands like Covet and Mane and Kitsune after rigorous testing.

Continual education is essential to us. Each year, we invest in the most advanced extension hair methods and trainings. Our exclusive offering is the Invisible hair extension technique.